Selecting Apps

Tips from our Teaching Team:

When planning an iPad activity, we think it’s best to find an app to suit your lesson rather than design a lesson to suit an app. As you browse through the App Store, look for topics that you think would work well digitally.

Here are some questions to consider when you are selecting an app:

  • Does the app progress to higher levels?
  • Does the app give the student a reward for getting their answers correct?
  • Can they personalise within the app (character name clothes hair etc)?
  • Is the app Australian or can it be modified to adapt to our syllabus?
  • Is it multi-touch for working in pairs?
  • Is there a screen capture function for assessment and playback?

Take your time! The hardest part is trying to work out what is relevant without being able to try them out. Ask around, word of mouth is a great way to find good apps. Ask your collegues and the parents of the students in your class. Your students are also a great source because they know what they like. There are also forums on the internet that give feedback on different apps.

As well as looking for apps to teach particular concepts, try out apps that let your students be creative with tasks you design.  There are many clever things you can do with an iPad using the camera, video, sound and screen recording.

A Selection of Maths Apps to Consider:

Jungle Coins, Hungry Fish, Counting Caterpillar, Ladybird Maths, Maths Sumo, Squeebles

Jungle CoinsHungry FishCounting CaterpillarLadybird MathsMaths SumoSqueebles

A Selection of Design and Create Apps to Consider:

Doodlecast, ScreenChomp, Explain Everything

doodlecast creen chompexplain everything


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